Wrongway Drunk Driver Hits Police Car, Killing Police Officer

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Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) August 14, 2015 – A drunk driver, his employer and a strip club are named in a wrongful death lawsuit as being at fault for the death of Lieutenant Eric Eslary.

“This wrongful death lawsuit was filed by Eslary’s widow. She is seeking compensation to continue to care for her children in the manner in which Lieutenant Eslary would have provided for them,” said Daren Monroe, a Litigation Funding Corp. representative.

Two of the named defendants in this case are Clair Fink, who is believed to have been driving drunk at the time of the accident, and his employer, Westmoreland Pools and Spas. Fink had allegedly consumed a significant amount of alcohol on his employer’s premises before leaving in a clearly inebriated state. Westmoreland Pools and Spas also permitted him to drive a company van, the same vehicle that was involved in the deadly accident that killed Lieutenant Eslary.

The third named defendant in this lawsuit is the Beehive strip club. They do not serve alcohol, but the statement of claim asserts that staff and management at the club could see that Fink was significantly impaired and that they had a duty-of-care and an obligation to prevent him from driving while under the influence.

Fink was heading home on Route 30 at approximately 2:00 a.m. He was in the westbound lane, driving in the opposite direction of incoming traffic, when his van hit Lieutenant Eslary’s car. The force of the impact critically injured Fink and killed the Lieutenant.

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