EagleEye Agreement Checker Could Help Lawyers Create Contracts Faster According to Bigger Law Firm Magazine Article




San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) October 22, 2015 – The Bigger Law Firm magazine, volume 35, discusses the advantages of using EagleEye Agreement Checker, software that automates the review of legal documents and contracts by recognizing and resolving problems, including ambiguity, accuracy and discrepancies. Using EagleEye can help attorneys reduce the time spent manually checking documents, allowing them to concentrate more time on the production of quality legal content and provide clients with faster turnaround.

Initially introduced in 2012, this program helps lawyers draft more precise contracts by providing more accurate references, punctuation and review of defined terms. The latest version of the software has a more intelligent interface that makes the program easier to use. Among its more significant advancements is that it enables attorneys to customize the program to search for contracts that are unique to their areas of specialization.

Upon the creation of a draft, EagleEye can create lists of issues, including inconsistent references and defined terms, and any problems that arise with either of them. It can also be used to assess structural issues involving numbering or mistakes in editing. Each of these actions can be performed with one click that produces a window adjacent to the document. One can also review and make comparisons of terms in several related documents.

One of EagleEye’s most effective tools is the defined terms feature, which allows one to create new forms of terms upon creation of a list of defined terms. It also allows one to review the language that appears before definitions, and discover examples where terms are used without providing a definition, defined without being utilized and used prior to being defined.

Due to the intuitive nature of EagleEye’s interface, attorneys can use the program without obtaining any additional training. Lawyers can familiarize themselves with the software in a short period of time, and can change their usage of the program based on their specific preferences. Use of EagleEye is far more efficient than manually searching legal documents for mistakes, and can allow lawyers to spend the time they save on better serving clients.

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