Horrific Motorcycle Crash Severs Both Biker’s Legs

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) November 4, 2015 – A 22-year-old biker loses both legs in a grisly accident on San Antonio’s West Loop 1604 and Wiseman Road.

This accident was the result of a grey Ford pickup making a turnaround on Loop 1604. Unable to avoid a collision, the biker ran into the truck and was ejected from his motorcycle.

The biker’s trajectory connected him with the Sea World 151 sign, subsequently severing both his legs. A police office, enroute to work, stopped at the scene of the accident and applied tourniquets to both stumps. The young rider was airlifted to the nearest hospital for emergency medical care and listed in critical condition.

“In many of these cases the driver of the passenger vehicle involved in the accident tells investigating officers that they did not see the motorcycle. In this instance, since the truck was making a turnaround, the driver may have done so without checking to see what other vehicles were present. That mistake in turn caused a catastrophic accident,” said Bobby Lee, an Austin motorcycle accident attorney, not involved in this case.

Situations such as this one often involve negligence of some sort. In this case, it may have been the negligence of the truck driver that caused the accident. It may also have been, in part, the negligence of the biker, if he had been speeding. Those details need to be determined prior to any charges being laid in the case.

“In Texas, the courts follow a modified comparative fault rule or the 51 percent bar rule. This means if a victim was 50 percent or less at fault in an accident, they may still recover damages,” said Lee. However, if a plaintiff is found to be responsible for causing more than 50 percent of an accident, they cannot get damages from the court.

For plaintiffs involved in a motorcycle accident where there may have been negligence on the part of the other vehicle, seek experienced legal counsel to determine what options there are for obtaining compensation for injuries sustained in the accident. “Don’t wait too long before seeking counsel either, as there is a significant risk of losing valuable evidence needed to build a case,” Lee said.

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