Medical Misdiagnosis Leads to Death of Ronald Scott

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Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) November 10, 2015 – In the course of a few short months, Ronald Scott went from being relatively active to having headaches so severe he contemplated suicide.

Scott was an Air Force veteran and suffered from severe chronic headaches. However, nothing helped diminish them despite being given narcotics. He was initially told he may have a bad vertebra in his back, and later the diagnosis changed to allergies, then to a possible stroke. But no one could really explain what caused these severe headaches.

Scott’s daughter received a call that her father had collapsed on his doorstep. He complained of weakness on his left side and had a splitting headache. Doctors at the hospital said he had not suffered a stroke and sent him home.

Soon thereafter, Scott fell and broke his hip. Back in hospital, he was unable to see or respond to people who approached him on his left side. Fearful of the diagnosis, his daughter pushed for a CT scan and was told it would not have been done but for her insistence. It revealed Stage IV brain cancer with a tumor over his left eye.

Although the daughter did acknowledge he would have subsequently died from the invasive tumor, she claims he would have been with them longer had it been diagnosed in a timely manner. Her wish was that someone in the medical profession had taken the time to figure out why Scott was having such crushing headaches. Had they paid closer attention, his last few months may not have been so painful.

Scott’s daughter chose to file a medical malpractice lawsuit to send a clear message to others that they need to advocate on their own behalf, or have someone close to them advocate for them, because sometimes doctors may not respond appropriately to an initial complaint.

The family’s medical bills would have been quite enormous given the number of times Scott was admitted and the number of diagnostic tests he received. “In order to pay those bills, they could have approached a litigation funding company to apply for pre-settlement funding,” said Daren Monroe, a Litigation Funding Corporation representative. “A lawsuit loan is emergency cash for situations like this, that would allow an approved family to pay their bills immediately when the cash arrived and to also pay the other important bills they incur each month.”

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