Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Florida Nursing Home

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Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) November 19, 2015 – A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the son of a 72-year-old woman who died in a Florida nursing home where she was recovering from pneumonia.

According to the lawsuit, nursing home staff failed to respond properly to the woman choking.

“Nursing homes have a legal responsibility to provide proper care to their patients,” said Robert Joyce, a nursing home abuse and neglect attorney with the Tampa law firm of Joyce & Reyes, who is not involved in the case. “When that duty is violated and serious injury or death is the result, then the family has every right to pursue a lawsuit.”

Marlene Silver was suffering from a condition that made it hard for her to eat, drink or swallow solid foods, according to her son, Ari Silver. He said that he was on the phone with his mother in April, when she said that she felt like she was choking. He said he called the nursing home to alert them to the situation, but no one answered his calls.

According to Silver’s attorney, Fire Rescue call records and logs show that a call was made from Marlene Silver’s room to 911, but the caller hung up. Dispatchers called back, but call records show that the nursing station did not respond, and the receptionist was unaware of any problem. Fire Rescue personnel responded anyway, but according to documents obtained by Silver’s attorney, the personnel were standing around Silver’s bed instead of performing CPR.

Records obtained by Silver’s attorney showed that Silver had not been responding or breathing for at least five minutes, and staff had not cleared Silver’s airway.

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