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Download Google's RankBrain and the Future of Smart Search

Download Google’s RankBrain and the Future of Smart Search

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) January 19, 2016 – Bigger Law Firm Magazine reports in their latest issue that Google may be rewarding re-published content. What does that mean for attorneys?

Re-published content is not to be confused with duplicate content. Duplicate content means at least two of the exact same pieces are published online. A re-published piece uses the same topic as a previously published piece, but is written from a different angle. Google penalizes duplicate content. However, it appears that Google approves techniques including re-publishing content that contain links between several articles, updating older articles, publishing newer articles and publishing transcripts of videos.

Google is well aware of the popularity of various pieces online as it continually tests them to see if what was written was shared, read, tweeted, reposted or favored by many. High engagement content usually alerts Google that the page should place well in search results for a longer period of time, or may appeal to a wider audience. If a piece does not place well on Google search results, there may be other reasons for its failing to do so.

If an article does not trial well, the law firm or attorney can re-publish the original article using the same topic, but revamping it from a different angle, adding in further research, using a different case study or offering a completely different take on the results of a court decision than others may expect. Re-publishing may result in higher rankings if the piece is topical, presents a well-researched point of view, contains interesting material and is informative and engaging. Interestingly, by publishing/re-publishing several times about the same topic, Google may associate the attorney’s name with it and include his or her posts in the results for an increasing number of search queries.

With an attorney’s name appearing more frequently in association with a given topic, they can establish themselves as an authority on that topic. The key to greater online recognition is frequently posting on a law firm’s blog, writing news releases and newsletters. When more content is published and re-published, a law firm is given more chances to post updates on social media linking to new content. This provides the opportunity for a law firm or lawyer’s name to be recognized, increasing the potential for conversions to skyrocket, and ultimately boosting firm revenue.

Read more about re-publishing and how it increases a law firm’s online visibility in Volume 37 of the Bigger Law Firm Magazine.

Download Google's RankBrain and the Future of Smart Search

Download Google’s RankBrain and the Future of Smart Search

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