Over a Decade of Law Firm Marketing: Adviatech Turns 11



In November of 2015, Adviatech released their fourth logo update.

In November of 2015, Adviatech released their fourth logo update.

San Francisco, FL (Law Firm Newswire) January 28, 2016 – The company behind Custom Legal Marketing, Law Firm Newswire and Bigger Law Firm Magazine turned 11 in January. Adviatech, whose name is derived as a blend of “Advertising Via Technology,” was formed in 2005 but did not immediately become a legal marketing company.

Co-Founder Christopher Kazor who now serves as a Director on Adviatech’s board said, “SEO has drastically changed over the last decade and I’m proud of how Adviatech has been able to predict changes and stay ahead of the industry.”

In online marketing, 11 years is a long time. To put that into perspective, Adviatech pre-dates Twitter (founded 2006), Instagram (founded 2010), Pinterest (founded 2010) and even YouTube, which was founded 30 days later on February 14, 2005. The company’s strengths have always been identifying technologies and services that are both beneficial to clients and determining the difference between fads and future marketing pillars.

Today, Adviatech is fully committed to the legal industry. Recently, they merged their original legal marketing brand (SEO | Law Firm) with the three-year-old Custom Legal Marketing to consolidate their services. In 2010, they established Law Firm Newswire and in 2011 they printed the first issue of Bigger Law Firm Magazine.

Co-founder Jason Bland has led the charge toward the legal marketing development of Adviatech. In 2015 he took a majority stake in the company and has been focused on growth, investing most of his time with product development and client acquisition.

“I have always looked at Adviatech as an experiment in how to achieve maximum efficiency – both in terms of results and team management. We don’t have investors to please so we enjoy a lot of R&D freedom. What has helped us succeed over the years has been an ever-willingness to change and try new things. This is how we were able to develop offerings during the recession that gave us some of our best profit performance during a period when many competitors were shutting down. This is also how we have been able to create new services like Custom Legal Marketing, which became our flagship brand in just a couple of years. Since we started, we have tried some things that didn’t work and have tried and succeeded on many others. It’s that willingness to try something new — even with a chance of it not working — that leads to our successes,” said Bland.

The company has maintained profitability and consistent revenue growth since 2006.

Adviatech has some ambitious plans for 2016. They will be releasing new offerings under Custom Legal Marketing built for law firms with 100 or more attorneys and will be strengthening their offerings under CLM Grow, which helps solo practitioners and smaller law firms. Law Firm Newswire is getting re-invented, Adviatech is launching a new B2B service and the company is establishing a new corporation. This will be the first time the company establishes a separate entity for a service rather than operating it as a brand of Adviatech.

Many of Adviatech’s efforts in 2015 have been laying the foundation for this year’s new offerings. Bland predicts that in 2016, the company will beat many of its records.

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