Zamansky LLC Investigates FINRA Sales Practice Violations In Sales of Credit Suisse X-Links, Velocity Shares ETNs, Certain JP Morgan Notes




ZA-Logo-Color-hires1New York, NY (Law Firm Newswire) January 26, 2016 – Zamansky LLC announces an investigation into potential claims by investors who were customers of brokerage firms for sales practice violations of certain structured products.

The investigation concerns the Credit Suisse X-Links and Velocity Shares Exchange Traded Notes which are issued by Credit Suisse Group A.G., ADR (NYSE:CS), and the JP Morgan Strategic Volatility Index and Double Short Leverage Note linked to the JP Morgan US Treasury Note Futures Tracker.

“These types of notes are commonly known as structured products and they use embedded derivatives to enhance returns and track an index, commodity price or currency,” says Jacob Zamansky, investment fraud attorney. “Recently, we have seen increased sales of these products and other high yield investments and junk bonds sold to investors. Our investigation is focused on whether these investments are suitable for investors and the sales complied with FINRA Rules for proper sales practices.”

“Structured notes are complicated, speculative investments that may be unsuitable for retirees, conservative or moderate investors,” according to Zamansky.”The sales of double short, short or other leveraged notes linked to indexes are volatile investments that are very risky to investors.”. He believes that these products are highly speculative in nature, and should not be sold to most investors.

Investors who suffer a loss may have a claim if their financial advisor misrepresented the risks of these notes or other high yield bonds, or represented that it was a safe investment that paid an attractive interest rate for one year or other maturity. Investors may have a claim if their financial advisor represented that structured notes are safe, income-like investments, according to Zamansky.

The investigation concerns these high yield notes:

• Credit Suisse S&P MLP ETN (NYSE Arca: MLPO)

• Credit Suisse X-Links Commodity Benchmark ETN (NYSE Arca: CSCB)

• Credit Suisse X-Links Commodity Rotation ETN (NYSE Arca: CSCR)

• Credit Suisse X-Links Cushing MLP Infrastructure ETN (NYSE Arca: MLPN)

• Credit Suisse Velocity Shares 3X Long Crude ETN (NYSE Arca: UWTI)

• Credit Suisse Velocity Shares 3X Natural Gas ETN (NYSE Arca: VGAZ)

• Return Notes Linked to the JP Morgan Strategic Volatility Index due January 20, 2016

• Double Short Leverage Note Linked to the JP Morgan Treasury Note Futures Tracker due January 20, 2016.

What Investors Can Do

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