Almost Dead, Only Luck Saved Mayra Valdez Says Austin Attorney Bobby Lee

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) March 22, 2016 – Mayra Valdez was on her way home one day in November 2015 when her whole life was turned upside down. She was hit by an 18-wheeler.

Most people in accidents with 18-wheelers are severely injured or die as a result of their injuries. Valdez was one of the luckier ones. She escaped a certain death thanks to the point of impact being behind the driver’s door.

According to the statement of claim filed in her personal injury case, she had the green light and moved ahead accordingly. She was hit by an 18-wheeler whose trailer at the back latched onto her truck and dragged her several feet. She was not able to get out of her truck until emergency response personnel showed up.

Valdez sustained severe head injuries resulting in a contusion, glass in one eye, an injured left shoulder and damaged right knee. The neurological symptoms have persisted since the November accident, and she is waiting to consult with a specialist.

According to an accident witness, the trucker ran a red light at the intersection of Highway 290 frontage road and the 130 service road. Police on scene were able to determine that the trucker was texting while driving just prior to running a red light and the subsequent collision. He was cited accordingly.

“Despite new Texas laws, in specific, the ‘Hands-Free Ordinance’ prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving or cycling, people still keep texting and driving as if the law does not apply to them,” said Lee, who is not involved in this case. Distracted driving is the cause of close to 25 percent of all collisions, even with laws in place banning it.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) texting drivers are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision. Texting while driving is rapidly becoming the top killer in the United States. “It should be remembered that is isn’t always the victim that was the one of the phone,” said Lee.

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