Joyce & Reyes – Lawsuit Filed Against Uber in Florida Over Brain Injury Caused by Car Accident

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Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) April 7, 2016 – A woman who suffered a brain injury in a Florida car accident while riding in an Uber vehicle has filed a lawsuit against the ride-sharing company.

Jean Day, a nurse visiting Florida from South Carolina for a medical conference, and her husband Dr. Richard Day, hailed a ride from an Uber vehicle in December. According to their lawsuit, the driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic and crashed into another vehicle. Jean Day suffered brain injuries that required multiple surgeries, and her husband broke his leg. Ms. Day must protect her skull by wearing a helmet until a future scheduled surgery.

“Traumatic brain injuries are often a result of car accidents caused by driver negligence,” said Robert Joyce, a Tampa brain injury attorney with Joyce & Reyes, who is not involved in the case. “Unfortunately, injuries to the brain can have far-reaching consequences.”

There have been other lawsuits filed against Uber and its competitor Lyft after vehicles were involved in car accidents. Some lawsuits have alleged that the drivers did not receive adequate training, or that they were distracted by their smartphone and were not paying attention to the road.

Both Uber and Lyft are ride-sharing services that allow people who want a ride to hail one using a smartphone app. Drivers for the services use their own cars. The convenience of the service, compared to calling a cab, has made them tremendously popular. However, taxi companies and local governments have fiercely resisted the services, saying that they violate for-hire regulations.

“Anyone injured in a car accident caused by another’s negligence should consult with a personal injury attorney,” said Joyce.

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