Big Rigs Cause Havoc in Accidents



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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) August 18, 2016 – Arlington, Texas was recently witness to a major fatal accident involving a tractor-trailer, dump truck and garbage truck.

The crash happened at the intersection on North Collins Street and Moiser Valley Road, shortly after 11 a.m. As a result of the wreck, the southbound lanes of North Collins Street were blocked off to allow access to emergency vehicles and police.

According to the police report the garbage truck was heading south on Collins and was in the midst of making a turn to go west onto Moiser Valley Road. The garbage truck, operated by Duncan Disposal, slammed into an 18-wheeler and a dump truck while turning. The impact caused the garbage truck to flip and land on its side, killing the driver. The dump truck driver and the trucker in the 18-wheeler were not seriously injured but were transported to the hospital for a checkup.

Eyewitnesses suggested that there appeared to be another truck involved in the crash as well.

“It is not clear just what caused this accident,” said respected Austin trucking accident attorney, Brooks Schuelke of Perlmutter & Schuelke, PLLC, not involved in this case. “However, it is clear that the driver of the trash truck, owned by Duncan Disposal, was obviously not paying attention to where he was going. You don’t just turn a corner and three other vehicles suddenly appear out of the blue.”

The accident is under investigation to determine how the trash truck collided with two other vehicles and what the trucker was doing at the time. Although it is all speculation until the police have concluded their report, there a number of things may have caused the accident, such as distracted driving, a mechanical issue involving the steering or brakes, or a medical emergency.

In most trucking accidents, one or both parties involved have usually been negligent in some manner or another. For this reason, it is important to determine how the accident happened and what the respective drivers were doing just prior to the collision, as this determination goes to apportioning liability. “And liability relates to damages that may be sought in a settlement or in court,” added Schuelke.

Trucking accident cases can be very complex to begin with, but become even more so if there are different trucking companies, insurance companies, lawyers and jurisdictions involved. “For this reason, it is best if you have been in an accident with a big rig to contact an experienced trucking attorney immediately, or as soon as possible. You are going to need the help to get your case to court and obtain a fair and just award,” Schuelke stated.

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