Fox Former Anchor Re-Run on Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Roger Ailes

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Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) October 5, 2016 – A second sexual harassment lawsuit launched against Roger Ailes and the Fox network comes from Andrea Tantaros, a former news host. There have been more women coming forward to allege he sexually harassed them as well.

Andrea Tantaros filed her sexual harassment lawsuit alleging the atmosphere at the news network was similar to a, “sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult.” According to documents filed in court, Tantaros alleges retaliation for complaining about her former boss, Roger Ailes and his unwanted, blatant sexual advances.

The statement of claim further outlined that Ailes’ actions were condoned by his senior executive staff and they made a significant effort to keep Tantaros quiet, even going to great lengths to humiliate, threaten and retaliate against her for speaking out. Such allegations were similar in nature to the sexual harassment lawsuit launched by Gretchen Carlson.

Carlson’s lawsuit reached a $20 million settlement recently and a number of other smaller settlements were paid to a handful of other women. The settlement came with an apology from Fox News. It was considered to be a significant victory shining a glaring light on the very serious matter of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Tantaros complained about Ailes to one of his top deputies but was allegedly warned off pursuing anything as Mr. Ailes was considered to be a very significant power broker. Shortly after the complaint was filed, her airtime was cut and news stories planted calling her image into question. In the wake of Ailes recent resignation that same top deputy, William Shine, was promoted into the position of co-president. Things went from bad to worse according to Tantaros.

The network suggested she breached her contract by penning a book and not getting clearance. Tantaros alleges that was an excuse to get rid of her. Court documents detail other demeaning instances in the workplace, such as being made to disrobe in front of wardrobe personnel when she chose her on-air outfits, being told by Ailes to turn around so he could get a good look at her and that she should come to him for a hug.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) it is against the law to harass an individual because of their sex, whether it is unwelcome sexual advances, asking for sexual favors, physical or verbal sexual harassment or sexual harassment. However, harassment is not necessarily sexual in nature and the harasser may either be of the same or different sex as the victim. Harassment is illegal if it is so pervasive and frequent that it results in a hostile/offensive workplace or results in an individual being demoted or terminated.

“If you are putting up with sexual harassment at work, speak to an experienced employment attorney,” said Chicago employment lawyer, Timothy Coffey. “You have legal rights. Find out what they are and how to stop sexual harassment in its tracks.”

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