Local Fort Worth Gospel Singer Struck and Killed by Alleged Drunk Driver

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) November 7, 2016 – A well-known local musician was struck and killed in a head-on accident by a suspected drunk driver, in Fort Worth, Texas.

The 68-year-old man, driving his van, was hit on Riverside Drive by 36-year-old Roberto Ortiz-Morales.

According to witnesses, Ortiz-Morales was driving on the wrong side of the road when he crashed into the van, head-on. A police report noted that he was inebriated and he was arrested. Ortiz-Morales was charged with intoxication manslaughter. The victim died at the scene.

“In Texas, there is a category of homicide that applies to situations such as this one, where a drunk person drives while under the influence and causes the death of another person,” said Austin DUI plaintiff’s attorney Bobby Lee. “That crime is referred to as intoxication manslaughter.” Other states have similar homicide laws applicable in the same kind of a situation. Those states may refer to their charges as DUI causing injury or death, vehicular manslaughter, or DUI manslaughter.

Crimes charged as manslaughter tend to have less severe punishments than murder, because the defendant is considered less responsible than if they had acted with premeditation or malice.

“This class of crime applies when an individual kills someone as a result of a voluntary state of intoxication – choosing to drink and drive in other words. So, if that person knowingly got drunk or high or intoxicated in some form and drives and kills someone, it is considered to be intoxication manslaughter,” Lee added. “We represent plaintiff’s in cases such as this and we welcome your enquiries regarding your legal rights.”

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