Nude Snapchat Attempt Causes Collision with Police Vehicle

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) December 28, 2016 – People take photos of some unusual things, not the least of which are erotic selfies. However, taking nude pictures while driving is not a good idea.

A low impact crash happened in Bryan, Texas when a student was arrested on a misdemeanor DWI charge. This DWI case could have had a different outcome, but the 19-year-old female driver did not sustain any injuries.

The facts of the story were revealed by a local television station and involved a police officer initially responding to a call about a disturbance. While the officer was investigating, he heard squealing brakes and a loud thump. As he glanced over toward his parked cruiser, he saw that a 19-year-old female Texas A&M student had collided with the patrol car.

As the police officer headed back to his car, he noted the woman driver’s bra was undone and she was struggling to put her blouse back on. When questioned, she told the office she had been trying to take a Snapchat picture to send to her boyfriend. She had just left a friend’s house and had been drinking wine.

“Although the incident was laughable,” said Austin plaintiff’s DWI attorney, Bobby Lee, not involved in the case, “teen drunk driving in definitely no laughing matter.” Car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths nationwide.

The CDC states that in 2014 2,270 teens ranging in age from 16 to 19 met an early death in a car crash. A further 221,313 ended up in hospital E.R.s for car accident injuries. “To put that in a different light,” Lee says, “[these numbers] represent 6 teens, 16 to 19 years old, dying every day as a result of car wrecks.”

The leading causes of teen traffic deaths are:

· Inexperienced drivers
· Driving with teen passengers
· Driving at night
· Not wearing seat belts
· Distracted driving
· Driving while drowsy
· Reckless driving

The simplest and safest way to stay alive while driving, at any age, is to pay attention to the road.

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