Illinois Takes Action on Pharmacy Errors

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Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) January 26, 2017 – Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner announced an initiative to improve pharmacy safety, after an investigation by the Chicago Tribune found that 52 percent of pharmacies in the Chicago area filled prescriptions for dangerous drug combinations.


“This is an urgent matter,” said Paul Greenberg, an attorney with Briskman Briskman & Greenberg, who represents individuals harmed by pharmacy errors. “Public safety initiatives like this one are needed to protect people from future harm, and people who have been injured need to know that they may be entitled to compensation.”

As part of the Tribune investigation, reporters went to 255 Chicago-area pharmacies and attempted to fill prescriptions for medications that should not be taken in combination. More than half of the pharmacists filled the prescriptions without giving any warning of the danger. Both chains and independent pharmacies failed the test.

Gov. Rauner’s plan would institute a requirement for pharmacists to warn patients about dangerous drug combinations and other important issues whenever a prescription changes or the patient is buying a medication for the first time. Currently, Illinois law only requires that the offer of counseling be made, which is often addressed by asking the patient if they have any questions for the pharmacist.

The proposal from Gov. Rauner would also increase state inspections of pharmacies, with particular attention to risky drug combinations. A “mystery shopper” program would test pharmacists’ compliance with the law.

“Dispensing dangerous combinations of drugs violates pharmacists’ duty to patients,” said Greenberg. “When patients are harmed by such errors, they should seek legal counsel.”

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