Litigation Funding Corporation – Jury Awards 3.5 Million for a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

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Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) June 9, 2017 – Seven days after giving birth, the 30-year-old plaintiff in this case underwent an operation to rule out cancer in lymph nodes in her chest. During the operation, a major vessel was cut in her neck. To repair it, three other major vessels were clamped, depriving the woman of a blood flow to her brain.

After the surgery, the woman was transferred to the ICU in critical condition where it was determined that a blood clot had completely blocked the blood flow in her right carotid artery. The resulting stroke destroyed massive segments of brain tissue on the right side of the woman’s brain.

In the medical malpractice lawsuit filed, the plaintiff claimed she suffers from partial paralysis of the left arm and leg, a severe loss of brain functioning, has limited functional use of her left arm, and inadequate functioning of her left leg and foot, causing trips and falls.

The lawsuit alleges the surgery was unnecessary because lab tests indicated that the plaintiff’s enlarged lymph nodes were due to a fungal infection that was treatable with medication. At trial, an expert witness, a cardiothoracic surgeon, offered the opinion that the doctor was negligent in telling the plaintiff she required surgery, overstating her risk of cancer, not offering reasonable alternatives, not locating the innominate artery before starting the surgery and clamping the major vessels without using Heparin.

“Cases such as this one may take months or even years to be resolved,” said Litigation Funding representative, Daren Monroe. Even when a resolution is reached, settlement or award money may be delayed, creating financial difficulties for the plaintiff. “In such situations, contact Litigation Funding Corporation and ask about a lawsuit cash advance.”

Pre-settlement funding, or a lawsuit cash advance, is not just used during trial litigation, it is also used when a plaintiff’s case is pending an appeal or while they are waiting for a settlement check. A lawsuit cash advance should not be confused with a loan. Repayment is contingent on receiving a settlement and if the plaintiff loses the case, repayment is waived.

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