Bay Area Law Firms Secure Complete Zero Dollar Settlement for Local Rehabilitation Center

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San Jose, CA (Law Firm Newswire) August 12, 2017 – Amy Carlson, Employment Rights Attorneys, LLP, acting as lead litigation and trial counsel, and Sanjiv N. Singh, APLC, as co-counsel, secured a zero dollar settlement for claims filed against a local rehabilitation center.

The matter arose from an alleged discrimination claim by a former employee. The rehabilitation center denied any discrimination had occurred and cross-complained against the former employee for improperly receiving health insurance benefits for the employee’s dependents.

ERA’s defense strategy included aggressive factual investigation—including requests for admissions in which the employee admitted most of her claims were without basis. Plaintiff ultimately agreed to a zero dollar settlement after ERA’s filed a motion for summary judgment to dismiss the entire case which was set to be heard on August 17, 2017.

ERA’s client commented, “We are very happy with this outcome. We have the utmost respect for our employees, and took the plaintiff’s claims seriously. But the reality was they did not have factual basis and we are happy plaintiff’s realized this and agreed to this resolution.”

Ms. Carlson also noted that, “considering the intensity with which the employee’s attorney litigated the case and came within weeks of trial, it is satisfying to achieve this outcome for a small business unjustly accused of wrongdoing.” Mr. Singh noted, “Cases like this protect plaintiffs who have real claims. It is extremely important for an employer to not just settle, even for convenience, if there is really no basis to a claim.”