Dog Bite Injury Claims in Texas Rose in 2016



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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) August 24, 2017 – Dog bite injuries in Texas are common.

According to statistics from State Farm, the number of dog bite claims in 2016 rose slightly from 165 claims in 2015 to 168. Overall, the numbers revealed that Texas dropped from third place to fifth place in the nation for dog-related injury claims.

On a national scale, State Farm revealed that their customers filed claims for 3,660 dog-related injuries, a 15 percent hike over 2015. The total compensation paid out for dog bite claims in 2016 was $121,705,968. In Texas, the 168 dog bite injury claims paid out $3.1 million, which was a significant increase from 2015.

“Generally speaking,” said Austin dog bite attorney Brooks Schuelke, “the most common dog bite victims are children, who make up more than 50 percent of all such claims. Letter carriers and seniors also rank fairly high on the list.” In fact, according to statistics from the United States Postal Service dog attacks on carriers skyrocketed to 6,755 in 2016, up by 206 bites from 2015.

The common belief that Texas has a “one bite rule,” meaning that a victim of a dog attack cannot make a claim against the dog owner if the dog has not bitten someone else first, is false. Certainly, if the dog has a history of bites and aggression, it is easier to make a strict liability claim against the dog owner. But even if the dog does not have a history of being vicious, other claims can be made.

“If you or a loved one has been hurt by a dog bite or a dog attack, it is important to contact a lawyer who knows the nuances of Texas dog attack law so you have the best chance at a recovery,” added Schuelke.

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