Long Term Employee Filed Lawsuits Citing Political Abuse, Cronyism, Retaliation, Bullying

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Garden City, NY (Law Firm Newswire) August 23, 2017 – On August 21, 2017, the Law Office of Jonathan Tand, a Garden City attorney, filed a lawsuit on behalf of long time town employee Stanley Lombardo, citing certain violations of the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights including freedom of speech and association secured by the U.S. Constitution.

Stanley Lombardo, a longtime resident of East Rockaway and distinguished public servant worked for the Town of Hempstead for over twenty-seven years. While employed, he received positive performance reviews and was ultimately promoted to a supervisory position. Lombardo was also an upstanding member of the community who selflessly donated his time and money to take care of a feral cat colony in Oceanside, New York.

Unfortunately for Lombardo, one person who did not appreciate his work is the current Town of Hempstead Supervisor, Anthony Santino. Santino resented the fact that Lombardo would not simply go along with Santino’s efforts to hand out high paying jobs to his unqualified friends. As such, Santino engaged in a campaign of retaliation and harassment against Lombardo in a misguided effort to punish Lombardo’s perceived lack of loyalty. To this end, Santino used his power and authority in East Rockaway to bully and intimidate Lombardo whenever possible. Things only got worse when Santino was elected to the position of the Supervisor of the Town of Hempstead.

Santino used his newfound power and influence, as well as taxpayer money, to find new and cruel ways to retaliate against what he perceived to be a lack of loyalty on the part of Lombardo. Most egregiously, Santino arbitrarily stripped Lombardo of his ability to care for a feral cat colony, a thankless public service performed by Lombardo at no expense to the taxpayer.

On August 23, 2017 at the Oceanside Landfill located at 3737 Longbeach Road Oceanside NY 11572. Mr. Lombardo and his attorney Jonathan A. Tand will be holding a press conference at 11:00 AM to discuss this lawsuit and answer questions. In the event of rain, the press conference will be held at 990 Stewart Avenue Suite 225 in Garden City NY 11530.

Link to Mr. Lombardo’s video: https://www.facebook.com/HopeForHempsteadShelter/videos/1590178567681193/?hc_ref=ARS9DsV-yhXhnES6oZ6Hpj0VLsqmOjR9uJaBS8KZifi1vOWokqncepQwKXzsAth0odM

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