Transgender Patient Loses Both Ovaries During Surgery, Against Her Express Wishes

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Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) September 12, 2017 – A Utah doctor is being sued for allegedly removing both ovaries of a transgender patient when the patient had consented to the removal of only one ovary. The patient filed a lawsuit alleging that the physician “breached her duty of care” by taking both ovaries, leaving her in a permanent state of menopause.

The woman in this case had gone to see the doctor complaining of painful periods lasting several weeks. According to documents filed in court, the care plan was to proceed with a hysterectomy, removal of both fallopian tubes, and the removal of one ovary. The patient expressed the wish to retain the other ovary to allow her body to produce natural hormones and make way for her to have a child at some point.

Court documents indicate the doctor and her patient met on at least four occasions between February 2015 and the surgery in March 2015. They discussed the risks involved with the procedure and the patient’s desire to have children in the future. Pre-surgical medical notations on file did not indicate the possibility of the removal of both ovaries. Post-surgical notes indicate both ovaries were removed due to endometriosis. Tissue testing found no indications of the disease on the ovaries.

The doctor’s attorney would not comment on the allegations in the lawsuit, but reaffirmed his client’s expertise was widely sought after in the LGBTQIA obstetric and gynecological fields for nearly 20 years. No disciplinary action was taken against the doctor, despite a panel stating the removal of the second ovary was not medically necessary. There are no other complaints in the doctor’s file.

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