Drunk Driver Kills Three of Four Family Members

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Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) January 15, 2018 – An Austin teacher and three of his family members were killed in a car wreck allegedly caused by a drunk driver.

A media production and driver’s education teacher, his spouse and two children, were on a trip when an allegedly drunk driver struck their vehicle. The man’s wife and his 14-year-old son were killed instantly. The man made it to the hospital alive, but died several days later as a result of the injuries he sustained in the wreck. The man’s 10-year-old daughter suffered minor injuries in the collision.

As a result of this car accident, the family of the deceased may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit to obtain compensation for medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, and financial support for the 10-year-old daughter.

“Losing your family unexpectedly can be extremely difficult and painful,” commented Daren Monroe, Litigation Funding Corporation representative. “Dealing with and resolving a claim can be exhausting and negotiating a settlement may only be half the battle.”

If the family chooses to file a wrongful death lawsuit and they are struggling with significant financial burden due to funeral and burial expenses, they may be able to seek monetary support through a lawsuit cash advance, also known as a “lawsuit loan” or pre-settlement funding.

“While Litigation Funding Corporation cannot bring back a loved family member; we are often able to help plaintiffs avoid financial struggles until their case is settled and compensation is received,” added Monroe.

Litigation funding is a cash advance that helps pay for life’s necessities (mortgage, rent, food, utilities, gas, car payments, medical expenses, transportation, etc.) during the long road to resolution. Unlike a traditional bank loan, personal credit has no bearing on the litigation funding decision, and the applicant does not need to be employed.

“We fund strictly on case strength and don’t require monthly payments,” explained Monroe. Litigation funding is non-recourse. “This means you are only responsible for paying back the lawsuit loan if you win your case. If the case fails, you do not repay the cash advance; it is completely excused.”

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