Myra Gerson Gilfix Discusses Patient Advocacy in Trusts and Estates Magazine Article

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San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) January 19, 2018 – Attorney Myra Gerson Gilfix, a partner at Gilfix & La Poll Associates, shares her insights on the growing need for patient advocacy in an article published in the September 2017 issue of the prestigious Trusts and Estates Magazine.

Patients who require hospitalization often face a number of challenges, whether it is the risk of medical errors or the effects of being immobile in a hospital bed during an extended stay. As an attorney who works with elderly clients and individuals with disabilities, Gilfix comes face to face with various aspects of health care and the realities of aging.

Titled “Advising Clients About Hospitalization and Operations,” the feature on elder care discusses how attorneys can be proactive instead of reactive by adding “patient advocacy to [their] arsenal.” In the article, Gilfix writes about the role of a patient advocate and the care that hospitalized individuals require, as well as how attorneys can help clients who are facing medical problems. She emphasizes the importance of clients and family members being “educated and empowered” with practical information to ensure their hospital stay, operation and recovery process goes smoothly.

“While providing this kind of support is not typical legal advice, it is an essential part of a client’s health care journey,” commented Gilfix. “Family members who are given relevant facts and information can serve as helpful advocates for loved ones who are hospitalized.”

Several useful documents from Gilfix & La Poll Associates are also included for reference. There is a sample handout and a sample pre-hospitalization letter that practitioners can share with clients who are facing an operation or hospitalization. They contain important guidelines and valuable tips about topics that range from preparing for pre-op appointments to hygiene essentials.

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