South Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Petrillo & Goldberg Discuss Failure of Salem County to Accommodate Injured Worker

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Pennsauken, NJ (Law Firm Newswire) July 20, 2018 – A county worker in South Jersey alleges he was compelled to perform work that exacerbated an injury, despite warning his employer that he was unable to carry out such responsibilities.

According to, Grady Butts, who had been an employee of Salem County since 1997, also alleges in his lawsuit that his supervisors failed to take any action when he filed a complaint of racial harassment after his co-workers repeatedly referred to him using racial slurs and compared him to primates.

South Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys Petrillo & Goldberg say, “ Individuals who have suffered an injury at work are encouraged to seek legal counsel right away. Some employers may deny that the worker sustained the injury in the workplace, or may refuse to provide accommodations at work that would allow the individual to work in a medically safe environment. According to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, an employer has an obligation to make reasonable accommodations for a worker who has been injured.”

Butts filed the lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court. He alleges when he complained that he was being subjected to racial harassment, he endured retaliation, including “false discipline” and an attempt on the part of his co-workers to have him terminated. Butts said he was initially hired as a laborer and in 2013, he received a promotion to the role of truck driver. He says in his lawsuit that the racial harassment started that year.

In addition, Butts claims that in September 2014, he suffered a work-related injury, which was aggravated by a subsequent injury in the workplace one month later. After he filed a claim for workers’ compensation, his doctor ordered that he be placed on light duty with respect to lifting. However, he was forced to engage in lifting, despite the orders from his physician. Then, in 2016, he secured a medical note that stated he should be placed on light duty, and that imposed several limitations on his job-related duties. Nevertheless, Butts claimed his supervisors disregarded the note and forced him to engage in work that was medically unsafe.

As a result of having to perform such duties, Butts claimed condition worsened to the degree to which he was required to undergo surgery. During his recovery, he had to take leave from work without compensation. He is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, as well as benefits, seniority, backpay and attorneys’ fees.

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