Gaming Company Hit With Gender Discrimination Class Action

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Los Angeles, CA (Law Firm Newswire) January 23, 2019 – A class action lawsuit has been filed against gaming publisher Riot Games alleging the company allowed gender-based discrimination against its female employees and fostered a “men-first” environment. The class action was filed by one current and one former employee of the popular gaming company. The plaintiffs allege that female employees in general have suffered lower wages merely because of their sex as well as horrible working conditions due to ongoing sexual harassment.

The named plaintiffs are asking, on behalf of the class of every former and current female employee, for unpaid wages and other damages and penalties. Presently, the plaintiffs are waiting for the California court to agree to certify the class for the litigation can proceed.

Riot Games currently has approximately 2,500 employees, with 80 percent of them being male. It was reported that Riot Games promoted a “bro culture” and supported aggressive male personalities and consistently failed to hire female employees because it was perceived that the females did not fit into this culture. Further, when the female employees complained about sexist behavior from co-workers and supervisors, their complaints were not treated seriously.

As for Riot Games, it issued a statement apologizing and assuring current and former employees that significant changes would be made. Riot Games has purged many of the employees that allegedly have caused problems at the company.

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