Team of Litigators, Including BRILL & RINALDI, The Law Firm, Sue Three Multinational Chemical Companies Over Contamination

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Weston, FL (Law Firm Newswire) January 8, 2019 – The Dow Chemical Company, Shell Oil Company Corporate, and Occidental Chemical Corporation have been hit with a lawsuit by former Nicaraguan banana plantation workers accusing the companies of authorizing the sale of Dibromochloropropane (DBCP), the toxic chemical found in pesticides.

The attorney for the workers is the president of the French Bar, Pierre-Olivier Sur. Charges were filed in front of the Paris High Court on November 6, 2018. Sur is part of a litigation team comprised of David W. Brill of BRILL & RINALDI, The Law Firm, the father and son lawyers from Nicaraguan, Gustavo (Tony) Lopez-Arguello and Gustavo A. Lopez-Tapia, Louisiana lawyer Stuart Smith, and Florida lawyer Robert McKee.

The lawsuit states the companies knew that the chemical was toxic during the sale of it in 1983, and that it was also illegal to use in the United States as far back as 1977. In 2006, the workers won their first round of claims against the chemical companies, however, the 805 million dollars that was awarded to the victims was never enforced. In 2016, the claims were revived, and now, the litigation team is driven to extend the enforceability of the ruling.

“The companies marketed these pesticides containing DBCP for years after they were well aware of the shocking effects it was having on workers’ health,” stated David Brill, founding partner of BRILL & RINALDI, The Law Firm. Contact with Dibromochloropropane (DBCP) has been linked to damaging conditions such as cancer, sterility, kidney failure, birth defects, and other medical problems. “The victims never received compensation because these guilty chemical conglomerates vacated Nicaragua and dodged their responsibility to pay,” Brill added. “We need justice for these workers.”

One of the largest cases involving chemical toxicity ever recorded, the list of victims number into the thousands, and spans throughout Latin America, and Europe.

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