Illinois Construction Worker Killed in Dump Truck Accident

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Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) July 7, 2019 – A construction worker died after being hit by a reversing dump truck in Lake Forest, Illinois. Police said the fatal nighttime construction accident occurred in a work zone around Old Elm Road and Route 41.

The victim was identified as 56-year-old Laura Casey. The Lake County Coroner’s office said she died from multiple crushing injuries. Casey was working as a flagger at the construction site when she was hit by the dump truck. Investigators said the truck ran her over while backing up in the southbound lanes of Route 41.


“There are usually multiple factors to consider in an accident like this one, such as whether there was adequate lighting at the worksite or proper safety measures in place,” commented Paul Greenberg, a personal injury attorney with Briskman Briskman & Greenberg, who is not involved with the case. “When an accident occurs due to negligence, it may be possible to file a personal injury claim to hold the responsible parties accountable for the victim’s injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can help people who have been injured in a construction accident determine if they are eligible for a workers’ compensation claim, personal injury claim or even both.”

Emergency personnel said Casey died from her injuries at the scene. The Highland Park Police Department, Lake Forest Police Department and Lake Forest Fire Department responded to reports of a construction accident just after midnight. The southbound lanes of Route 41 were closed overnight while the incident was under investigation.

An Illinois Department of Transportation spokesman said the accident happened while crews were completing overnight roadwork on a project overseen by the department. In 2018 Casey started employment as a construction worker for Peter Baker and Sons Company, a contractor on the project.

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