Florida Woman Faces DUI and Homicide Charges in Crash Death of Three Teens

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Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) September 6, 2019 – A 31-year-old South Florida woman was arrested for drunk driving in a deadly collision that killed three teenagers. She was charged with three counts each of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide in the May 25 crash.

The woman was granted a $300,000 bond. Per the conditions of her release, she will be placed under house arrest and will not be allowed to consume alcohol or drive. She will have to wear an alcohol detection bracelet and a GPS ankle monitor. She will also be required to undergo random alcohol and drug testing. 

“This is truly a tragic case that led to the loss of innocent lives because of the reckless actions of the driver,” commented Robert Joyce, a Tampa personal injury attorney with Joyce and Reyes Law Firm P.A., who is not involved with the case. “Florida has strict penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol, and rightly so, as it can have devastating consequences.”

The woman struck three boys aged 13, 15 and 17 as they were walking to a bus stop in North Miami at around 5:30 a.m. The teenagers were heading to a soccer tournament in Weston as they were members of a football club.

Police released surveillance footage that showed the three teens walking along the sidewalk. Soon after they were no longer visible on camera, a black SUV could be seen hurtling in their direction at high speed.

The woman’s blood alcohol concentration was nearly twice the legal threshold of 0.08 after the accident. Investigators said they heard her talking to medical staff about partying at a strip club before the crash. In addition, they obtained video footage of her leaving the club in a “visibly drunk” state.

The woman appeared in bond court almost two weeks after the incident as she was receiving medical treatment for her injuries. She was hospitalized for several days before being booked into jail. 

During the hearing, prosecutor Laura Adams described the woman’s driving record as “atrocious.” The Miami Herald reported that the woman ignored a nearly $300 ticket for running a red light camera and had been driving on a suspended license since January 2018.

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