Attorneys Michael LoGiudice, Katherine E. Smith File Lawsuit Against New York City Department of Corrections Over Rikers Island Misconduct

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Brewster, NY (Law Firm Newswire) November 23, 2020 – Attorneys Michael LoGiudice and Katherine E. Smith have filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York, a Manhattan Federal District Court, alleging that corrections officers at Rikers Island ran a scheme that used favored inmates as violent forces, ultimately resulting in inmates violently slashing our client’s face and breaking his jaw. The complaint alleges that our client became a victim of the scheme, dubbed the “World Tour,” after getting into an argument with a corrections officer at Rikers. The lawsuit also alleges that our client was repeatedly relocated to housing units where staff members were aware he was vulnerable to attack.

According to the lawsuit, Rikers staff wanted to make an example of our client because of his mother’s ties to the jail, among other reasons. The suit also claims that our client suffered a broken jaw in a February 2020 assault by an inmate. He was subsequently transferred to another unit where he was viciously beaten and slashed by an inmate in March and left with a 13-centimeter gash on his face that required 100 stitches. Following the slashing, corrections officers took photographs of his injury and distributed them on the Internet, mocking his injury.

Attorneys Michael LoGiudice and Katherine E. Smith said in a statement, “The city has a long-standing policy of allowing — and in fact, incentivizing — corrections officers to take the law into their own hands.” Smith and LoGiudice further commented, “Rikers Island is plagued with injustice, oppression and exploitation of its inmates like Jomonni Morris. If other inmates had the courage to end their silence and come forward they could help us finally terminate these barbaric policies.”

This case highlights the ongoing misconduct by Rikers Island corrections officers despite the recently enacted state and federal prison reforms. If an individual has been mistreated by an inmate or a prisoner’s civil rights have been violated by prison staff, it takes a skilled prison abuse and police misconduct attorney to protect the legal rights and well-being of the plaintiff.

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