Vietnam Veterans Could Finally Qualify for VA Benefits for Three New Conditions Caused by Agent Orange Exposure




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Northville, MI (Law Firm Newswire) November 5, 2020 – After decades of waiting, Vietnam veterans suffering from ailments believed to be linked to exposure to Agent Orange could finally be eligible for disability benefits from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Senate approved an expansion of the list of diseases with a presumptive link to Agent Orange exposure, paving the way for more than 22,000 veterans to receive VA compensation. 

The Fair Care for Vietnam Veterans Act of 2020 received overwhelming bipartisan support and was passed by a 94-6 vote. It adds bladder cancer, Parkinson’s Disease-like symptoms and hypothyroidism to the list of presumptive medical conditions. 

“We now have the benefit of more than four decades of research and learning since the end of the Vietnam War. Experts know so much more about how Agent Orange exposure affects the body, but they may never know the full extent of it,” said James G. Fausone of VA disability law firm Legal Help for Veterans. “Taking care of veterans who are suffering as a result of their time in the military is a responsibility that the VA cannot ignore.”

Agent Orange exposure has long been a point of contention between government officials and veterans. The chemical herbicide was used heavily during the Vietnam War to clear away the dense foliage that allowed enemy troops to hide. It is assumed that any veteran who served in Vietnam was exposed to Agent Orange. 

Various conditions have been suspected of being linked to Agent Orange, and many veterans and interest groups have fought for this to be recognized by the VA. Scientific evidence supports a presumptive link between Agent Orange exposure and bladder cancer, Parkinson’s Disease-like symptoms and hypothyroidism. 

VA data shows that 83,000 veterans have already been diagnosed with these three conditions. While some already receive benefits for them, many will be eligible for new compensation. 

Budgetary concerns over the potential cost of such a massive influx of individuals who will now qualify for VA benefits have stalled the Fair Care for Vietnam Veterans Act of 2020 for now. The legislation moves on to negotiations with the House before it can seek the President’s signature to become law, but members of congress are confident that it will eventually pass.

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