New Data Suggests PTSD Could Double Risk of Dementia




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Northville, MI (Law Firm Newswire) December 1, 2020 – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is called the hallmark injury of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan era. According to a new meta-analysis of previous studies, it could also be linked to a twofold increase in risk for dementia later in life.

These findings are based on an analysis of 13 previous studies from four continents involving 1,693,678 participants. Researchers wanted to know if these patients had a higher risk for dementia 17 years after their diagnosis. The research supported that claim and showed a 50 percent increase in risk of developing a mental disorder.

“There is not one area of life left untouched by PTSD for those with this condition,” said James G. Fausone, lead attorney at Legal Help for Veterans. “Not everyone realizes how much of an impact PTSD has. These findings are one example of the long-term effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on overall health and specifically on the health of the brain.”

PTSD is common among veterans, who are likely to have experienced the kind of traumatic events that can trigger PTSD symptoms — like attacks, bombings, sexual assaults and more. Flashbacks, nightmares and recurring memories of traumatic events are symptoms of PTSD and cause an increased state of physical arousal and stress. The physical effects on the body of living in this constant state of arousal are vast.

One of the most interesting findings in the study was that the group with the highest risk of later dementia were not veterans, even despite the disproportionate number of current and former service members who suffer from PTSD. Researchers found that veterans with PTSD had a 1.5 percent higher chance of developing dementia later on in life.

One theory for this is that the enormous focus on veteran PTSD prevention and recognition in recent years have made is working. Because veterans are encouraged to seek treatment and taught about the warning signs and symptoms of PTSD, they seek treatment sooner. Researchers found that the risk of dementia as PTSD patients age can be mitigated with proper treatment of the PTSD.
Between 11 and 20 percent of veterans suffer from PTSD and this condition may qualify them for disability benefits from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

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