Head-On Collision Kills One



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Brooks Schuelke, Esq.
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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) August 29, 2022 – In a recent fatal crash, a 19-year-old Houston man died in a fiery, head-on collision. The accident happened near the Liberty-Ames city limits at approximately 11:00 p.m. on US 90. According to initial reports of the crash, the young man was heading west in a Chevy Cobalt. He attempted to pass an 18-wheeler and found himself directly in the oncoming path of a GMC SUV heading east. 

On impact, the Cobalt went up in flames and was still burning when fire crews arrived on the scene. According to the medical personnel on the scene, the young driver died instantaneously on impact and not due to the fire. The SUV driver was transported to the hospital with non-fatal injuries, and the trucker was not injured.“Accidents like this one are horrific,” said Austin auto accident attorney Brooks Schuelke, not involved in this case, “and it is likely the surviving SUV driver may consider filing a lawsuit to seek compensation for any injuries she may have sustained.” Car accidents happen every day in Texas. 

The most common causes of motor vehicle accidents are:

• An error on the driver’s part can include running a stop sign or lights, distracted driving, DWI, failing to yield, and speeding.
• Mechanical failure –recalled or defective parts can cause crashes, and car makers can be held liable for damages caused by defective parts.
•Improperly maintained roads –if roads are not maintained properly, it is possible to file lawsuits against government entities.
• Extremely bad weather –in heavy rain, ice storms, hail, or driving snow, visibility becomes virtually nil, and road conditions deteriorate.

The most common car crash injuries are:

• Whiplash
• Neck Injuries
• Concussions
• Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Back Injuries
• Lower Leg, Arm, Hands, and Face Injuries
• Burns
• Crush Injuries
• Broken Bones
• Amputations
• Paralysis

Here is what you need to do in the aftermath of a collision:

• Call 911.
• When the police arrive, cooperate, but do NOT admit it was your fault.
• Help gather evidence by taking pictures, making notes, and gathering contact information.
• Make sure to see a doctor. If you do not, this will affect your claim, and the insurance company can say that you were not hurt very badly.
• Inform your insurance company you’ve been in an accident and do not say it was your fault. 

“If you have been injured in a car crash, call me. Let’s discuss your legal rights and what options are open to you to seek compensation,” Schuelke added.

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