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June 20, 2023

MarketWatch Will No Longer Publish Press Releases

Law Firm Newswire has been notified that MarketWatch, which was included in the Primetime press release distribution level, will no longer accept press releases from any publishers. The decision was unexpected. After the week of June 19, 2023, no press…


March 16, 2022

Award Yourself with a Press Release Release About Awards

Some of the most respected lawyers and law firms are given awards by associations, magazines, and charitable organizations. Unfortunately, many of these awards go unreported, because the attorney does not send out a press release. A press release about an…

Lawyer receiving award at meeting

| June 22, 2019

Is Your Law Firm Going Green? Write a Press Release.

Most law firms go through a lot of paper in a year, and many are careful to recycle what they can. But paper is not the only consumable that attorneys handle in their practices. What happens to electronic equipment once…

Recycle electronics