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April 28, 2022

Drawing Attention to Your Press Release

The best press releases are read by many and picked up by numerous publishers. To make this happen, you need to write useful news pieces with a topic of that interests many readers. Aside from the topic, how well your…


March 19, 2022

Offer a New Perspective to Get High-Profile Cases

When writing a press release about a case in which your firm is not involved, it is important to offer a new perspective on the issues. In states where it’s allowed, lawyers can capitalize on a high-profile case by writing…

Look at cases through a new perspective

| November 17, 2021

Make Your News About the Readers

Your law firm wants to ensure that its marketing dollars are spent reaching as many people as possible. A lot of money goes into relevant, quality links and intelligent search engine optimization (SEO). Every person who reads an article on…

Senior couple reading interesting news on their laptop

October 22, 2021

Use Keywords When Making an Announcement

Using keywords in your press release will help you attract a targeted audience of readers. When publishing press releases about standard announcements, do not miss opportunities to use keyphrases. The most common announcement is the addition of a new attorney…

Lawyer making an announcement to his team of attorneys

August 18, 2021

How to Write a Catchy News Release Summary

Read any good news releases lately? No doubt there are some articles you read completely and remember even months after having read them. Why is that? Surprisingly often, the answer is that the introduction was well-written enough to make you…

hey there

| February 3, 2021

Substance Matters Over Length

A press release needs to contain a few hundred words to substantiate itself as an informative story. Also, news aggregators like Google News tend to reward longer stories with higher placement. So should you pad your press release with words…

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