Build a Class Action Lawsuit with News Releases

Employee fining out she may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit

If your firm is working on forming a class action lawsuit, write a news release about it. A press release is an effective way to help attorneys connect with victims and assist them in obtaining compensation for their injuries.

While word-of-mouth is relevant in this kind of situation, a law firm can get more exposure by utilizing not only traditional media outlets but also services that distribute news releases to wider audiences.

In many cases, people may not realize they are eligible to be part of a class. Someone who has suffered harm may feel wronged but not believe they have a valid case. Or, they may know they could take legal action but think they do not have the time or resources to do so. It’s simply not worth it.

A press release can help inform people that they are not alone in their suffering. This can encourage others to come forward and begin building the foundation for a strong case.

A press release can also be paired with a specific intake campaign. Once people are informed of their rights and the potential for joining a class, they can be directed to targeted information that can help them make the final decision to commit to joining the suit.

The success of a class action lawsuit depends on garnering enough plaintiffs (and a lead plaintiff, usually the first person to contact an attorney about their case). One way to spread the word that your law firm is available to help affected victims is through using news releases. Building a class action lawsuit takes time and strategy, and news releases can help deliver the leads.