Format Phone Numbers in Press Releases for Mobile Readers

Close up of man tapping a link on his phone

When your law firm publishes a press release, linking to your website is usually a high priority. But many law firms forget to add an important item — their phone number.

The phone number is very important because many news release readers are going to be using their mobile devices to read your story. Most popular devices allow users to tap on a phone number to instigate a call. If the number isn’t in the release or if it isn’t formatted correctly, you could miss out on calls.

To format a phone number to make it mobile-friendly, make sure it looks like one of the examples below:

Mobile Friendly Phone Number Formats
(123) 456-7890

Unless you have an international audience, it is not necessary to add a “1” in front of the number. A properly formatted phone number can help turn your press release into phone calls.