How News Releases Attract Email Visitors

Man reading press release on laptop

When Law Firm Newswire clients review their website statistics, they often wonder why their news release attracts so much traffic from e-mail providers. While news releases do go out through Law Firm Newswire’s weekly e-mail update (must subscribe to get receive update), that is not the primary source.

Google Alerts allows individuals to subscribe to certain keyphrases based on topics of interest. When a new page is indexed in Google, a new blog entry is sent to Google Blog Search, or a news item is posted in Google News, an e-mail goes out to the Google Alerts subscriber. Some subscribers ask for daily updates, others weekly, monthly, and so on.

If your press release is based on a topic that someone is subscribing to in Google Alerts, the subscriber will have your headline e-mailed to him or her because the item appeared in Google News. The person may then click on your website, which will register in your statistics as a visitor from a mail.referring.address source.

With this in mind, one way to generate new ideas that may lead to email visitors and leads is to keep an eye on Google Trends. This

When news is distributed online, it is accessible by multiple sources, which is what makes online news release distribution so valuable to law firms of all sizes.