The Press Matters with Press Releases

A group of journalists

A lot of time is spent focusing on how online press releases can directly engage with your target audience. Unlike the traditional press release process, where you draft it and send it to an editor and hope it gets picked up by the press, your online release allows your firm to speak directly to potential clients.

But your press release shouldn’t ignore the press. In fact, media outlets are paying more attention to social networks and online news than ever before.

Understanding the power of the press, Law Firm Newswire posts news releases to offline databases like LexisNexis, CEDROM-SNi, Cengage Gale, Copyright Clearance Center, CQ Roll Call, Emerging Markets, Postmedia Network, ProQuest, QuoteMedia, and Thomson Reuters Westlaw through NewsTex.

Many of these databases are used by the press and by researchers. However, many law firms do not provide clear press contact instructions. Here are a few tips to make your news more press-friendly:

1) Make sure your news is real news from your law firm. Press releases related to something your law firm is doing is more likely to catch the eye of major news sources.

2) If a release is about an event, make sure the date, time, and location is clearly published within the news release.

3) Provide a press contact. Encourage the media to contact an individual from your firm with any questions.

4) Create a press room on your website. This will provide facts about your firm, key personnel, and print-ready graphics, such as your firms’ logo and images of your attorneys.

Make your news press-friendly and make your firm readily available to the media. With some cooperation, the press can become one of your firms’ most powerful allies.