To Connect With Clients, Leave No Good Deed Unmentioned

Group of volunteers picking cleaning up a river bank

As the Christmas season comes to a close, it is time to reflect on everything your law firm tackled this year. No doubt every day was busy, filled with trials, depositions and office maintenance; new briefs drafted, new clients met and new blogs posts added to your site.

You did blog on your firm’s website, right? And not just about your case wins and legal issues?

People need to connect with you, but firms rarely offer insight into their personal sides on their websites. You can reach out to these visitors by telling them a little more about your contributions to your community. After all, if a visitor needs a lawyer, he or she wants to find a person, not a two-dimensional headshot, to help them.

Your potential client wants to know why you chose your area of law, but he or she is also interested in the other things you do: your pro-bono work, your Little League coaching, your time as a Big Brother or Big Sister and your services to hurricane victims trying to deal with insurance agents. Whatever it is that you do that is thoughtful, caring, sharing and good is worth mentioning.

Write a news release about it to help your visitors reach you through social media. Your potential clients are hoping to understand an attorney on a social level before entrusting him or her with sensitive legal matters.

Establish your internet presence with a stellar website full of fresh, relevant content, an up-to-the-minute blog, frequent news articles and with classy resumes of degrees, awards and case-winning track records. But even with all of these, another step is needed. Without your firm’s social accomplishments, a link is missing.

Showcase your volunteer deeds and accomplishments. You do even more than defend rights, obtain rightful compensation and ensure the legal execution of documents. Let your existing and potential clients know.

Many law firms volunteered over the holidays for various tasks. Perhaps within your firm there lurks a criminal defense lawyer with the heart of Santa, who loves to don that cherry red suit and make children happy. Perhaps one of your bankruptcy lawyers volunteers to help little ones climb up on a reindeer for pictures. Maybe one of your founding partners always takes holiday baskets to those in need. Your law firm not only protects your community’s rights and legal freedoms, but actively gives back. It may surprise you how important news like that can be to someone looking for your legal help.