Why You Should Pick High-Quality Images for Your Press Releases

Woman looking at photos online

A bad photo attached to a published press release or article can spoil the news before anyone even reads it. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is even truer than usual for published images. Press release photos need to be clear, sharp and high-resolution so they accurately reflect the quality of the law firm making the news. Moreover, high-resolution pictures are virtually mandatory for publication in mobile magazines (such as ISSUU).

Consider the story and its companion picture a representation of your law firm. Use the best images possible to put your best foot forward.

Pictures are powerful on any page, whether online or in traditional, printed format. They reach out quickly, grab the reader’s attention and help to get your message across to him or her. Pictures can help focus the content, provide a quick summation of the body copy and allow the reader to determine his or her level of interest in the article or news release. Pictures also distill complex ideas.

Make certain the picture selected to accompany an article or news release relates to the body content. Control the image, and you control the message of your publication.

If your publication is longer than one page or if you are using more than one picture, try to create a progressive storyline that uses pictures to add punch to stand-out points.

Include photos of approachable, real people whenever you can. Photos of people capture a reader’s interest best, and they can tell the story within a story. 

Photos are motionless for a good reason. Animation on a website, unless it clearly demonstrates something particular in use in sequential frames, may seem gratuitous and unprofessional. More importantly, movement distracts a visitor’s attention from the important information in your writing.

Choose images wisely to control and enhance the stories your law firm’s pictures tell.