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| | February 24, 2020

Hale & Monico Files Suit Against Berwyn School District for Abusing Autistic Child

Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) February 24, 2020 – Hale & Monico is representing the family of an autistic child in a lawsuit over alleged abuse at Prairie Oak Elementary School in Berwyn District 98. Lucia Roden, mother of Gianni…

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| | June 2, 2016

Custom Legal Marketing Sponsors Hole at Golfing for Kids 2016

Westchester, NY (Law Firm Newswire) June 2, 2016 – The Arc of Westchester’s 2016 Golfing for Kids tournament will be held on June 7th. The golfing outing aims to raise funds for the Arc of Westchester’s Children’s School for Early…

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| | April 26, 2016

The Victory Center Honored By the City of North Miami for Their Work Involving Autism and Related Disabilities

Miami Beach, FL (Law Firm Newswire) April 26, 2016 – David C. Barnett, Esq., founder and managing partner of Barnett, Lerner, Karsen & Frankel, P.A. and Chairman of the Board for The Victory Center, announced that the City of North…

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| | July 31, 2015

New Autism Speaks Study Links Parental Age to Autism

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) August 21, 2015 – In Autism Speaks’ largest international study on autism risk and parental age, researchers have found that teenage mothers and older parents are the most likely to have children with autism….

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| | October 17, 2014

Michael Gilfix to Speak on Special Needs Estate Planning at Autism Society Event

Palo Alto, CA (Law Firm Newswire) October 17, 2014 – Michael Gilfix is a featured panelist at an upcoming Bay Area event focused on helping families ensure supported housing for their adult children with autism. The event, hosted by the…

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| | September 15, 2014

Mark Gilfix to Speak on Estate Planning Strategies at 13th Annual Autism Conference

Palo Alto, CA (Law Firm Newswire) September 15, 2014 – Mark Gilfix will be a featured speaker at the Morgan Center 13th Annual Autism Conference in Campbell, California on September 20, 2014. Gilfix, a special needs planning attorney, will present…

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