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| May 11, 2016

Florida Car Accident Attorney Jason Chalik, Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers, Comments on Wrong Way Crashes

Miami, FL (Law Firm Newswire) May 11, 2016 – A recent series of wrong-way car accidents in Florida has prompted calls for improved safety. Just before the New Year, five people died in Miami-Dade when a drunk driver speeding the…

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| | January 21, 2016

California Man Files Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Employer

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) January 21, 2016 – A former employee of Ferguson Enterprises sued the plumbing distribution company for disability discrimination, wrongful termination and retaliation among seven causes of action. Eric Padayhag was diagnosed with cervical radiculopathy,…

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| January 13, 2016

Study Notes Rising Divorce Rates During Senior Years

Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) January 13, 2016 – Late-life divorce, also called “silver” or “gray” divorce, is becoming more acceptable and common. However, divorce during senior years carries its own unique concerns and financial challenges. Researchers at the…

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| | November 16, 2015

Divorce Mediator Gerald Maggio Offers Tips on Preparing for Mediation

Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) November 16, 2015 – The first divorce mediation session can be nerve-wracking due to uncertainty about what to expect and how the other party will behave. Being prepared with a detailed plan will ensures…

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| October 27, 2015

Divorce Selfies Encourage Positive Outlook on Breakups

Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) October 27, 2015 – Taking “divorce selfies” is becoming increasingly popular among divorcing couples. The trend signals a shift to more amicable splits for the sake of the children involved and encourages a healthy…

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| September 18, 2015

California Supreme Court Defines Legal Separation for Divorcing Couples

Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) September 18, 2015 – The California Supreme Court on July 20 ruled that it is necessary for divorcing couples to live in different residences in order to claim separate property and qualify as legally…

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