Middletown Homeowners Sue for Devaluation of Property

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Stratton Faxon is representing more than 35 plaintiffs whose homes were affected by the blast at the Kleen Energy plant in Middletown, Connecticut last February.

New Haven, CT (Law Firm Newswire) August 30, 2010 – A lawsuit was filed on Aug. 4, 2010 in Hartford Superior Court on behalf of more than 35 plaintiffs whose homes were affected by the blast at the Kleen Energy plant in Middletown last February. Homeowners have found themselves embroiled in a hurtful and troublesome situation due to the severe negligence demonstrated by the defendants the day of that deadly gas explosion.

Many homes suffered physical damage and required major repairs due to their close proximity to the blast. More problematic, however, is that the plaintiff’s homes are now situated in a widely-recognized and clearly proven high-impact “blast zone,” severely depressing the retail potential of each property.

“We are seeing the domino effect of this horrific yet preventable tragedy,” said Eric P. Smith of the Stratton Faxon law firm in New Haven. “Nearby homeowners will now feel the effects for many years to come due to the property devaluation they are now experiencing – a setback that is wholly unrelated to current market conditions but rather to the lack of due diligence on behalf of the defendants.”

Homeowners located in the Middletown blast zone not only had to face physical damage and contamination of their property, affecting their ground water supply and underground septic system, but also elevated property and casualty insurance premiums, emotional distress and the grim prospect of not being able to sell their homes in the future.

O & G Industries, Bluewater Energy Solutions, and Kleen Energy Systems are among the twelve named defendants in the suit.

The blast caused several fatalities and numerous injuries in the plant itself, and investigations have determined that the tragedy was almost certainly preventable.

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