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LFN's AI press release writer can write your news so you can Make the News.

Like humans, artificial intelligence learns by example. When we were fine-tuning the outputs of our AI press release writer, we fed it examples of world class legal journalism, court opinions, and some of our best-performing law firm press releases in order to find the perfect outputs. Now, the AI writer from Law Firm Newswire writes like a pro and is ready to help you Make the News.

LFN's Press Release Writing Robot
AI Settlement

From Court Ruling to Victory Press Release

When a court authorizes a settlement or when a judge rules in your favor, you can drop that ruling into the AI writer and make it a press release. 

Chat with your writer to get a better press release

LFN Chatbot

The AI writer can listen to your input to write a better press release. Tell it to come up with a more compelling title. Ask it to include additional case information or additional information about one of the lawyers features in the press release. You can prompt it with new information and ask for rewrites until your press release is perfect.

An AI Press Release Generator that is FREE and Built for Lawyers.