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Standing up for your client can be a big story. With CaseWire from Law Firm Newswire, your lawsuit is the story. The announcement of the suit and the claims being made are distributed to top news outlets and hand-delivered to the news desks at major news outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, NPR, and the Washington Post.

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Announce Your Lawsuit

Legal and professional publications are always looking for lawsuits to cover. Your lawsuit could have an effect on employees, investors, organizations, and communities. Once your lawsuit is filed, notify the press with CaseWire.


Your firm files a big lawsuit. You need exposure.


You submit your through Law Firm Newswire's CaseWire.

Press Release Distribution by Law Firm Newswire

Your release is distributed where journalists will see it.

CaseWire Distribution

A journalist sees your release and picks up the story.

Press Release Picked up by Bloomberg
One announcement. Multiple articles. Maximum exposure.

How is a lawsuit announcement different than a press release?

  • Shorter announcement

    With a press release, you're telling a story. With a lawsuit announcement, you're only sharing the highlights of your lawsuit and then journalists can write the story.

  • Your lawsuit's PDF is distributed

    Your lawsuit is the star of the announcement. A full draft is distributed with your CaseWire announcement at no extra cost.

  • LFN Direct is included

    LFN Direct puts a hard copy of your CaseWire announcement directly in the news tip departments at the New York Times, NPR, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and the Washington Post.

LFN Direct

[ Your news in the right hands ]

Send your news directly to the newsdesk with LFN Direct

When you’re sitting on a hot nationwide story, you can’t risk being overlooked. With LFN Direct, your press release lands on the news desk, not in the spam folder. We’ll deliver your news directly to the news tip departments at the New York Times, NPR, Reuters, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg Law.

Your News Delivered to Major Outlets with LFN Direct
Bloomberg Law
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
The Washington Post

Promote Your Lawsuit for just $195!

CaseWire promotions put your lawsuit on Google News, Apple News, NBC Affiliates, ABC Affiliates, MarketWatch, and over 200 mainstream and legal news websites. Plus, you get LFN direct (a $100 value) free! LFN Direct puts your lawsuit in the news departments at the New York Times, NPR, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and the Washington Post.