New Mexico Motorcycle Accidents Cause Serious Injuries that May Last a Lifetime




Multiple bones fractures are often a consequence of a motorcycle crash. The biker may not be able resume the same life he or she had before being injured.

Albuquerque, NM (Law Firm Newswire) September 3, 2010 – “It’s one of those givens, that when a biker is involved in a motorcycle crash, that they tend to get ejected and thrown great distances. The result of the force of the impact and the impact of a hard landing usually results in multiple bone fractures, or worse. It’s not just being thrown that may break bones either. If the biker has to lay their bike down, fractures may result for that as well,” said Scott Atkinson, a New Mexico personal injury lawyer and wrongful death lawyer with the Atkinson Law Firm, Ltd.

Unfortunately, there are a number of different types of bone breaks. Knowing what kind of break is involved in the accident will New Mexico Personal Injury Lawter Scott Atkinsongive a New Mexico personal injury lawyer a good idea of how serious the injury is and what economic recovery may be possible. If the biker is lucky, they may sustain a simple crack; something that may be cast, if the break isn’t difficult to treat. In addition, as long as the bone is healing, it will not need to be re-broken. Arms and legs are relatively easy to deal with, but if a biker breaks a jaw or chin, the situation may become infinitely more difficult. Think wired jaws and drinking sustenance through a straw.

“Typically, there are two categories of bone fractures that we deal with when it comes to court cases,” said Atkinson. “Those are displaced and non-displaced; somewhat fancy terms for how the bones were broken. For instance, a displaced fracture is one where a bone snaps in two or more parts/pieces. You might be familiar with medical shows on TV that discuss comminuted fractures. This is when a bone breaks into many pieces.”

As for non-displaced fractures, this refers to a break where the bone cracks either partially or right through the bone. These type of fractures are referred to as either open or closed. Open means the bone came through the skin and is exposed; a very serious break that may lead to bone infections.

“As you can see, getting into an accident while on your ride may result in some very serious injuries that may be life-altering. Dealing with breaks as serious as some of the ones I have just discussed is a long and hard road to follow. If there was negligence involved in the accident, you stand a good chance of recovering compensation to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.,” Atkinson said. “If you will never be able to work again or walk properly without help, this may put you into a totally different compensation category for court. Give me a call if you have questions, I’d be happy to talk to you about your case.”

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