Sexual Abuse Victim Entitled to $10M Attachment Against Priest




A suit filed on behalf of William Dotson by Stratton Faxon on July 9 declares that the Reverend Stephen Bzdyra sexually molested an altar boy in the 1980s. The sexual abuse victim is now entitled to $10M attachment against the priest’s assets.

New Haven, CT (Law Firm Newswire) November 23, 2010 – William Dotson of Hartford, a 34-year-old Connecticut man, filed suit on July 9, against Reverend Stephen Bzydra for sexually molesting him while he was an altar boy at St. Francis Church in New Haven, Conn. and Saint Hedwig Church in Naugatuck, Conn. between 1985 and 1990. Dotson was found to be entitled to a $10 million attachment based on demoralizing evidence of repeated and horrific sexual abuse in October 2010.

Connecticut Personal Injury Law Firm Stratton Faxon

Connecticut Personal Injury Law Firm Stratton Faxon

“William is very grateful that the court ruled in his favor supporting his case. The pedophile priest’s lawyer Hugh Keefe should be ashamed of himself for attacking William the way he did in court,” said Joel T. Faxon of Stratton Faxon, the trial law firm in Connecticut that represented Dotson. “The pedophile should come forward and take responsibility for his actions. The diocese and the Vatican should remove Bzdyra from his priestly duties immediately to protect the thousands of children of Connecticut from a Bzdyra attack.

Bzdyra is able to troll around the parks and playgrounds of Connecticut with impunity. This disgusting monster should be in jail. We have already forwarded the judge’s decision to the State’s Attorney’s office in hopes that he can be criminally prosecuted.”

The Catholic Diocese placed Bzdyra, the accused priest, on administrative leave in August pending their investigation. He had served as priest and religious education teacher at St. Hedwig’s Church in Naugatuck during the mid-1980s and early ’90s.

“There was more than adequate evidence to support the plaintiff’s claim that Bzdyra sexually abused him when he was a young boy,” said Justice Robert Berdon after a contested hearing. “The court finds that the testimony of the plaintiff was credible and overwhelming. The court finds that the abuse included anal rape, forced oral sex with Bzdyra, that Bzdyra compelled the plaintiff to masturbate him and Bzdyra ejaculated in the face of the plaintiff. This conduct went on for several years.”

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