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Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) February 18, 2011Tampa Veterans attorney David W. Magann, P.A. offers veterans his winning strategy to garner VA (veterans disability) compensation benefits. Most claims, even with recently published VA questionnaires and digitized processes, prove to be difficult for veterans to attain on their own.

dwmagannEven though the VA has attempted to streamline the way veterans go thru the claim process, trends show that disability compensation determinations can take more than 200 days. It is important that a lawyer is hired during the process in order to maximize the claimant’s ability to prevail.

Attorney David W. Magann has experience in winning many cases to get disabled citizens the compensation they deserve based on post-traumatic stress disorder, Gulf War Syndrome, in service sexual and physical assaults, and death benefits. “Military law can be complex, overwhelming, and frustrating,” says attorney Magann. “Many disability cases are mishandled and veterans’ claims unfairly denied.”

About 741,000 disability, survivor and pension claims are in the VA queue to be reviewed, with almost 231,000 already waiting for more than 125 days, noted a study on www.airforcetimes.com. The VA also recently expanded eligibility for claims related to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, causing at least 170,000 new claims.

Attorney Magann meets face to face with clients to discuss how to win veterans disability compensation benefits in a timely manner. His experience and personal involvement is the key to winning the disability compensation rating that is in line with each client’s claim and situation. Depending on the extent of the disability and number of dependents, each client can receive between $123 to more than $3,100 per month, if not more in special cases.

With offices in Tampa and Brandon, Florida, attorney David Magann is able to help veterans early in the compensation claims process to expedite every case. Attorney Magann is a Marine Corps Veteran with a Law degree from the University of Miami, a Criminology degree from the University of South Florida, and experience as a law intern with the United States Custom Service Associate Chief Counsel’s Office, and Associate with B. Lee Elam, P.A.

To find out more about Attorney David Magann’s firm and experience in veteran’s disability compensation cases, visit his website at www.tampaveteranslawyer.com or call (813) 657-9175.

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