Houston Immigration Attorney Explains Opportunities and Complexities of Training at American Businesses

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Houston, TX (Law Firm Newswire) April 20, 2011 – H-3 visas can be a promising way for foreigners to get American training. The program allows foreigners to stay in the U.S. for a maximum of two years to train in any field except for graduate medical training. Once training is completed, the foreign national must go back to their home country.

“Many individuals seek this type of visa because their home country doesn’t have this type of training,” said Houston immigration attorney Annie Banerjee. “Their careers will be boosted in their homeland after receiving the training.”

H-3 can only be for training, not gainful employment. Many corporations use this visa to educate an individual so they can work in its foreign office when completed or partner with a business that is affiliated with it overseas. Family members can join the foreigner in the U.S. during this time but are not allowed to work or seek permanent residency automatically.

Employers must provide proof that they have a structured training program, including classroom training and how the business will pay for materials, books, and benefit the individual back in the home country. Legal counsel to obtain a H-3 is advised as documentation of an individual’s prior experience and why such training is not available in their homeland is scrutinized. Employers will want to seek an immigration attorney’s guidance on completing the I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker before the H-3 can be obtained.

“USCIS officials are very strict about making sure an individual is focused on training, not working in the U.S. or taking a position away from an American worker,” Banerjee said. “Many people who try to get this type of visa are denied when they do the paperwork on their own. It is much better to seek the resources of an attorney to ensure better success at getting a H-3.”

Thorough documentation and strong arguments for needing U.S. training equal improved chances of getting a H-3 visa. The Law Offices of Annie Banerjee works with many employers throughout Texas and the United States who are involved in the agriculture, commerce, finance, communications, government, industrial, and transportation industries. She has more than 10 years of accomplished immigration law experience and as an immigrant attorney Banerjee will efficiently and aggressively go after an individual’s goals of obtaining a H-3 visa.

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