Be Mindful of Playground Perils This Summer

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Zephyrhills, FL (Law Firm Newswire) July 21, 2011 – Playgrounds are a fun activity for children, especially in the summertime. But for younger children, they can pose a big risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that children under 14 years old can be at risk for severe injuries and even death. Every year, an estimated 200,000 children visit the emergency room due to playground injuries. Specifically, children ages five to nine years old experience the most harm.

At school and public playgrounds, most of the injuries happen on climbing equipment. At home, the leading peril is the swing or swing set. For children that died from playground injuries, it is strangulation and falls that caused death. For kids that do survive a playground incident, injuries can be severe. Internal injuries, concussions, dislocations and fractures occurred the most.

“Brain damage and long-term disabilities can affect a child’s memory, learning capabilities, and basic functioning,” said Zephyrhills serious injury attorney Robert Alston. “In a matter of seconds, your child’s life can change. No one wants to see his or her child suffer.”

Playground studies show that faulty equipment, unsafe surfaces and a lack of safety measures, and debris can increase a playground’s peril. However, supervision is critical. Knowing where your child is playing and who they are with can reduce the possibility of an injury. Maintaining a safe playground and surroundings – whether in the backyard or at the public park – is another important factor.

Playground injury victims can get legal representation to go after negligent person or organization that failed to maintain a safe environment. As the statistics show, playground injuries can be severe and require years or even a lifetime of medical attention and assistive technologies. Zephyrhills serious injury lawyer Robert Alston, of Alston & Baker, P.A. will tenaciously pursue your child and family’s rights to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and future expenses.

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