Connecticut Auto Accident Attorney Highlights Important Steps to Take During Winter Driving




New Haven, CT (Law Firm Newswire) February 17, 2012 – Even though the weather has been kinder this winter, it can easily turn icy and snowy in Connecticut as February gets underway. Drivers must take precautions to ensure their and other vehicles’ safety. Keeping aware of news updates is important too as conditions can change during the course of the work day.

Connecticut Personal Injury Law Firm Stratton Faxon

Connecticut Personal Injury Law Firm Stratton Faxon

“Be sure your gas tank is full, you have a scraper or brush for the snow, and are alert before you drive to your destination,” said Connecticut personal injury attorney Michael Stratton, of Stratton Faxon law firm. “Serious and deadly accidents can happen if you are not cautious during winter storms.”

Drivers need to remember that it takes longer to get anywhere in wintry weather. Accelerating, braking, and turning takes longer, so be mindful of this when driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that driving too fast and not keeping in the proper lane can be especially problematic in the winter months. Also, bridges and roads that are covered by trees or blocked from the sun can be dangerous as ice can stay on them longer. When news reports caution drivers about an impending storm, turn around and stay inside to be safe.

“If you are in a serious auto accident, get medical help first and then make your next call to an accident attorney that can determine who is at fault and what compensation you deserve so you can get better faster,” said Stratton.

The Insurance Information Institute also encourages drivers to remember about not warming up their vehicle in a closed garage. This can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If an exhaust pipe gets blocked during a snow storm, it can also cause carbon monoxide to leak.

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